Principles, Values and Word

Know more about how our team works and the values that are the foundation
to the service’s quality we present at work.


We share the commercial objectives of our clients and we know the importance of the investments they made based on our orientations. The general commitment of the whole team is the key to the great service Camelier provides. The commitment with ethic on the defense of the client’s – company interests is our guidance towards the only way to solid professional growth.


It is not possible to be ethical without being transparent professionally. Our lawyers endeavor themselves in order to know each detail of your business. We do not limit our orientations to the involved facts during emergency situations. We are always going further, sharing and transmitting knowledge to your company’s employees given them a wider view of the Intellectual Property Law, allowing them to prevent problems. Saving costs to your company.

Litigious Prevention

Our team presents secured orientations in order to prevent litigious, defending the stability of your business and your interests in an effective way. With presentations on the client’s company place, regarding cares that should be taken in the development and presentation of your products or services, we strengthened our partnership on the defense of Intellectual Property.

Method of Work

We protect your investments on the launching and presentation of your products/services to the market, through a very judicious and permanent audit of the distinctive signals and industrials designs used. We orient regarding the measures that shall be taken to assure the exclusivity of use and avoid infringements or judicial demands and administrate your trademarks and patents with support on the security patterns tested and approved by our technical team.

Precedence Analysis Methodology

To assure safety on the trademarks registration process is our priority. We adopt a very sophisticated precedence analysis methodology, which reduces the risks of refusal and oppositions against the applications processes.

Fair Fees

Being assertive and to work with exceptional professionalism and ethics is an obligation on the services provided by Camelier. We know that growth and profit depends on the capacity on matching your expectations and, the most important, charging fair and competitive fees, when compared to offices of same technical pattern. This fee politic align with an excellent job of the entire team will result, in the course of our professional history, a technical capacity growth, based on the client’s experience and in our reputation.