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The trademark is of extreme importance and value to the company, for that it deserves a special attention. Our team works in the search of anteriority with technical opinions, registry requests and meticulous follow up of nominative trademarks, device, nominative with device, tridimensional, collectives and of certification. Monitoring the process from third parties, already registry trademarks, resources and impugnation in the administrative sphere.

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Trade Secrets

The gathering of knowledge and information indispensable for your company’s practice and are not available to the public must be sheltered in an effective way. Our advisory assist on the elaboration of contracts for protection of trade secrets.

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The copyrights have gone to important changes due to the information technology advanced and the digital world. To protect the Intellectual Property in this scenario is fundamental for all the segments. We offer consultancy and advisory in copyrights and connections: opinions, contracts and registry front the official organs.

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The franchising market is a great opportunity for investments, but to stay alert to the details, mostly in the contractual part, is indispensable. Our team attend in the advisory in elaboration of the contracts of franchise, reports and registration front the INPI.

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Anti-trust law and unfair competition

We attend with a team of consultants for the elaboration of reports regarding competitors relations sight the anti-trust legislation of unfair competition. Besides the advisory in administrative and judicial defense in process related to the abuse of rights of Intellectual Property.

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Our office assures to your company a complete support in every judicial instance. Proposition and defense in action involving infringements and rights of Industrial Property and Copyrights, practices of actions of Unfair Competition and against piracy.

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Trade names

The protection of trade names is very important for any organization. Our team counts with specialists in this area of acting and guarantee protection through judicial measures and extrajudicial measures.

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Advertising and publicity

The Brazilian publicity market contemplates great opportunities and continues in complete expansion. An activity with national and international recognition. Our office provides services of consultancy and advisory due to the norms of publicity self-regulation, acting along with CONAR – Publicity Self-Regulation Council.

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Geographic indication

The GI (Geographic Indication) to identify the origin of products and services when the local has become known or when determined characteristic or quality of the product or service is owned to its origin. Our team assists the client in every step of the process of achievement of the GI.

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